Chemistry Kit for Students for Class 5 to 12, Do It Yourself (DIY) Science Kit

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Chemistry Kit for Students for Class 5 to 12, Do It Yourself (DIY) Science Kit Understanding Chemistry by Performing Experiments Activities include Acid base reactions, preparation of indicators, Preparation of Oxygen, Ammonia, Nitrogen Dioxide etc. Displacement, double displacement reaction, Endothermic / Exothermic reactions, Preparation of Polymers, working of electro-chemical cell etc. Features: · The kit contains 22+ chemicals and other raw material. · It also contains laboratory ware and equipment like Flasks, Test tube, beaker, micro- burner, stand etc. · Detailed instruction book covering different concepts of chemistry, type of reactions and many activities. · Activities are based on CBSE, ICSE and state syllabus. Utility: Working Model Project Kit / Working Experiments. Ideal for Children, School, Learning Project Activity, Children can use their Creativity & Understand fundamentally. Understand What, How & Why, Principle of Working! Provides joyful and meaningful learning experience. Instils wonder and fascination towards science among young students. Ignite interest in subject and inculcate a scientific attitude. Motivates out-of-box thinking imagination and inquisitive mind. Complete assembly instructions with easy Language and Photographs. It channelizes energy of children in a focussed direction. Great Gift, as Prize /award in Schools, Birthday Party & functions.

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