Robot kit (with motor driver board)

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Robot kit (with motor driver board) Overview: The best kit for robotics beginners, which will help you to make your first robot. This kit gives you everything you need to build the shell of a 2-wheel-drive Robot. You get the 3-wheeled chassis, two 3-12 VDC BO-motors and wheels. The prepared bot can be driven using dual H-bridge motor driver. Based on motoring principle, Students can experiment Forward direction, Reverse direction, Turning & other basic functions. These operations can be controlled by applying control signal to driver PCB internally from breadboard itself by creating hi & low signals. Students can try many more as per their need, applications & imagination with use of additional components. (Available in kit format with planmystudy) such as control signal thru DPDT switches, Wired control, Wireless control, dynamic & programmable control signal from microprocessors, Computers & other board such as Arduino, Signals from one or more sensors in combination & much more. Kit Inclusion & Requirements: 1 x 3 wheeled chassis (2 motor wheel+ castor wheel) 2 x 9V DC bo-motors (60 rpm) 1 x Motor driver PCB (Dual Motor driver) 2 x Wheels (Dia-7cm, width-0.7cm) 1 x Castor wheel Battery holders (AA size) for 6V 9 V Battery Connector 2 x 6.5*4 screws (for holding motors) 2 x 9.5*4 screws (for holding wheels) 1 x Bread board Jumper Wires: § 3 x Male-Male § 3 x Male-Female § 3 x Female-Female Cable ties 1 x container box (for holding material) Batteries not included from safety point of view. Features: The kit features Quick connections, Solderless, Uses battery as power supply. Safe, clean and suitable for remote control, Uses breadboard for try outs & easy expansion in advanced Robotics. All components & parts are good quality & hence can be reused many times to explore creativity. Can be used with microprocessor such as Arduino Board as per individual Uses battery as power supply and safe clean and suitable for remote control Use of breadboard facilitates easy expansion in advanced Robotics

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